BioBlitz 2001: Champoeg State Historic Area, OR

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Just received the following, thought others might be interested as


Champoeg State Heritage Area
7679 Champoeg Rd NE
St Paul OR 97137
Dennis Wiley
Park Manager

Pacific Habitat Services, Inc.
9450 SW Commerce Cir Suite 180
Wilsonville, OR 97070
Dale Shank, President

Join Our 2nd Madcap 24-Hour Species Survey

Scientists wanted for an intensive biodiversity survey
Bacteriologists*Mammalogists*Malacologists*Aquatic Invertebrate

When: 3:009 p.m. Friday, June 22th and 3:00 p.m. Saturday, June 23th*

Where: Champoeg State Heritage Area, St. Paul, Oregon. Champoeg is a
615-acre site in the historic French Prairie region of the upper
Willamette Valley. It has upland meadows, wet meadows, oak savannah,
ash swales, 2nd-growth Douglas fir, 3 1/2 miles of Willamette River
shoreline, and 3 perennial creeks.

What: BioBlitz is a 24-hour qualitative census of biodiversity
conducted by volunteer efforts of scientists who will identify and
coiunt as many species from as many taxa as possible. The first
BioBlitz was sponsored by the National park Service and the National
Biological Service in 1996. Last year's Champoeg BioBlitz was the
first on the West Coast.

Camping: There will be free camping for all participants for Friday
night, June 22, 2001. When you arrive for camping, go to the
registration booth in the campgroiund. A park employee will give you a
pass and direct you to the BioBlitz camping area.

Food: Yes! Food provided by Nature Northwest. Meals for Friday
evening, Saturday breakfast and lunch, plus snacks and beverages for
24 hours will be available for  a small fee. Both vegetarian and
non-vegetarian food will be served. It is exceptionally good!

Staging Area: Champoeg Visitor Center. There will be field crews
working aroiund the clokc, rain or shine. If you can spend an hour, or
a few hours, your participation is welcome in any or all areas of
interest. NATS had an impressive turnout last year, let's try to top
it for 2001!


*Full 24-hour participation not mandatory. To participate contact:
Dale Shank at Pacific Habitat Services (503) 570-0800 or
ds at For camping information contact: Mike Niss at
Champoeg State heritage Area (503) 678-1251, ext. 222;
mike.niss at

Comments by poster: The first BioBlitz was initiated by E.O. Wilson in
1996, and the tradition has been carried on in several other states.
The 2000 Champoeg Bioblitz was held June 15/16,2000, and I was proud
to attend. While the most species found at any BioBlitz occurred on
the US East Coast with 1900 species collected, the potential is that
many more species could be identified from Champoeg. Why? Soil
scientists at Oregon State University have tentatively identified some
15,000 different soil organisms from a single square foot of soil
under Douglas fir at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest near Eugene,
OR. Champoeg has Douglas fir and would reasonably be expected to have
similar numbers of organisms, provided they could be documented and

Last year's BioBlitz netted 900 species. With some proper
pre-planning, it may be possible to up that total by several hundred
species fairly easily. I suspect people with expertise in grasses,
lichens, liverwarts, micro-fungi and identification of ectomycorrhizal
fungi through rootlet examination (last year many microscopes were
available for use) would increase the species count dramatically.

Hope to see you there!

Daniel B. Wheeler

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