Posting jpeg photos

R.G.Woodside richwood at
Mon Jun 11 01:40:07 EST 2001

A recent search using <> for the phrase "photo
sharing" yielded a large number of sites which offer the display of jpgs
to the world.
Among them:
These sites differ widely in the services provided, but most of them
offer some free services.
My preference is, since I work at Pantellic Software, the
producers of this site. (<-- Note the blatant self-interest!)
If anyone on this newsgroup does not want to go through the bother -
what bother? - of setting up their own account on any of these sites,
but wish to share their photos of fungus with the group nonetheless, I
offer my account at for this use.
Just send me (richardw at the jpg(s) as an attachment to an
email clearly describing the fungus (and the conditions of the
photo/mushroom hunt?) and the photo can be displayed for all to see.
With regard to copyright, I believe that your declaration that the photo
is yours is enough for copyright to apply. Getting satisfaction from
someone abusing your copyrights, however, is a legal matter best
answered in another place.

richardw at

"Daniel B. Wheeler" wrote:
> OK group. I can't post the nifty jpegs I'm getting from my new
> electronic camera. So, where do I post them so member of the ng can
> see them? And considering the last post, how do I put a copyright on a
> jpeg image composed by an electronic camera?
> Please email directly.
> Daniel B. Wheeler
> dwheeler at

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