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Mon Jun 11 01:40:12 EST 2001

Sorry for my previous posting in German - I just forgot about the

I am currently extracting DNA from fruiting bodies of various 
basidiomycetes, especially Amanita. The method of choice is grinding the
dried fruiting bodies in liquid nitrogen, digesting the powder with
Proteinase K, followed by CTAB incubation, chloroform/phenol treatment and
RNAse A digestion. For quantification of the results, I
use both UV absorption at 260 nm and agarose gel electrophoresis. Usually,
the values obtained by the photometer point to a much higher concentration
of DNA than the corresponding agarose gel. 

One of the reasons may be the presence of single nucleotides, but the
resulting DNA pellets seem to contain still a considerable portion of
proteins/peptids. Many of the fruiting bodies contain Amanitin, which also
absorbs in UV and may still be present in the final solution. So I looked
up in the Merck Index and on the internet about the absorption spectrum of
Amanitin, but without success. Does someone of you know more about it?

Thank you very much for your answer.

Best Regards
Christoph Kulmann

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