Amanita verna

boletebill droberts03 at
Mon Jun 18 04:01:00 EST 2001

Hi, I've been gathering information about the occurance in North
America of the mushroom called Amanita verna, "The Destroying Angel."
If you own any of the 30 or 40 popular field guides written between
1895 and 1975 you will find this mushroom described as a pure white,
deadly poisonous, Amanita with ellipical spores, a pendant ring,
smooth stipe and smooth cap. It may be described as common in summer
and fall, especially in the east.
If on the other hand you own field guides that were written after 1975
you will see little written about Amanita verna, often just a vague
reference and you will NOT see any photos of it or drawings. It is as
if what was formerly a common killer mushroom suddenly disappeared (or
became extremely rare) from the North American mycoflora. That's
because I don't believe that the mushroom exists in North America
anywhere but in mushroom mythology. I'd like someone to prove me wrong
and give me some evidence that Amanita verna exists in North America.
I have an idea how it all got started but I'd like to hear others
Thanks,  Boletebill.

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