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I recently had graphics, images, and html  from one of my sites stolen, the
thief put his own company name on it and slapped his own "copyright" on the
whole lot.  I hired an internet attorney who specializes in internet
copyright law, which is a specialized area apart from normal copyright
protection.  I learned several things:

1.  First, technically you don't have to even state that you have a
copyright on your images, digital photos, or html to be protected by Federal
copyright law.  However, it is advised.
2.  If someone steals your work, you can legally go after them, but you can
only collect on loss of business as a result of the theft.  You cannot
collect attorney fees UNLESS you have sent a copyright application into the
federal copyright office.

When we sued, I was not able to be reimbursed for my attorney costs...only
what we could PROVE he received ($), as a result of the use of my work since
I had not filed.  So, I would suggest always indicating a copyright on your
work, and filing it with the feds.  (there is a filing fee and it takes 2-10
months to receive a confirmation).
t. gerlitz

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> >With regard to copyright, I believe that your declaration that the photo
> >is yours is enough for copyright to apply.
> Indeed; contrary to what most people believe, anyone who creates an
> creative work, be it prose or poetry, artwork, photography, etc., can and
> to post a copyright notice ("Copyright (c) [year] by [name]") on it any
> s/he "publishes" it, including posting to a website or even an internet
> newsgroup.
> Copyright registration is another matter; in most cases, there is not much
> point to paying the registration fee until/unless one is quite confident
> the creation in question is going to be published.
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