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Moselio Schaechter mschaech at sunstroke.sdsu.edu
Mon Jun 25 02:18:50 EST 2001

Dear all,

I am currently engaged in a summertime activity, which is to begin to
assemble a registry of European paintings that include mushrooms somewhere
in the piece.  I do not include illustrations in floras and field guides,
even though many undisputedly constitute art because this is too formidable
a subject. 

So far, I have nearly 30 entries, mainly of the post-Renaissance Dutch and
Flemish schools.   The most mycologically prolific of these artists seems to
have been Otto Marseus van Schrieck 1619/20-1678, for whom I have four
entries.  My best source has been the Wasson's "Mushrooms, Russia and
History,"  but I have also gone on successful forays  on my own in several
major museums.

For the sake of making the registry as complete as possible, may I enlist
your help with "finds," either from visit to museums or from other sources?
If possible,  provide me with the name of the artists and the piece, a brief
description including the size, the location of the piece, and, if possible,
the year it was done.

Thanks to all.

Elio Schaechter
Author, "In the Company of Mushrooms"
Harvard University Press


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