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> I recently had many plants infected with a systemic wilting type fungus.
> (Fusarium/verticulum)
> After thrwoing away all my house plants, I am wondering if the couch, rug,
> drapes etc can still contain spores that will infect new plants.
> I know that these types of fungi are soil borne but the confusing thing is
> that I have seen them produce growth and spore clusters from the leaves so
> can these types of fungi also infect through the foliage? How long will
> the foliar type spores be viable? And is there some kind of fogger, etc,
> that I can set of in my home that will kill them all?
> Thanks,
> -Josh.
I _believe_ that you are speaking of a common parasitic rust which
commonly infects over-watered plants, especially seedlings. While
working in the nursery business, it was referred to as "damping-off
fungus". If the plants you were growing were mature, there is a rather
expensive anti-fungal treatment which can save the plant. However, the
real key to control is allowing more air-circulation to the growing
area. This fungus typically grows only in extremely high-humidity

Reducing the humidity by 20% or so should effectively control spread
of the fungus.

More importantly, if the growing area is inside your home, there is an
excellent chance you have other fungi which are _NOT_ conducive to
health. Dessication/dehydration is the fastest and most effective
treatment I am aware of. If you are worried about spores still in the
rugs, try a 1:10 bleach solution, but try it on an out-of-the-way part
of the rug first. The solution will kill most molds and fungi,
including the spores. But it could also bleach the color from your

Daniel B. Wheeler

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