Please help, eliminating spores from houseplants/home....

Buffalo Chilkat scotnelson at
Wed Jun 27 02:22:59 EST 2001

jr <jrafferty at> wrote in message news:<3B34E715.C00F6F3B at>...
> I recently had many plants infected with a systemic wilting type fungus.
> (Fusarium/verticulum)
> After thrwoing away all my house plants, I am wondering if the couch, rug,
> drapes etc can still contain spores that will infect new plants.
> I know that these types of fungi are soil borne but the confusing thing is
> that I have seen them produce growth and spore clusters from the leaves so
> can these types of fungi also infect through the foliage? How long will
> the foliar type spores be viable? And is there some kind of fogger, etc,
> that I can set of in my home that will kill them all?
> Thanks,
> -Josh.

Josh, it sounds like you are overwatering your plants and
your growth medium is too "heavy".  Don't worry about spores
in your carpet, etc.  Switch to a light growth medium.  There is
a fungicide called 'Terraclor' that you can use to drench your
media if you wish.  For more information, contact me at 
snelson at  I am a plant pathologist.


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