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Moselio Schaechter mschaech at sunstroke.sdsu.edu
Thu Mar 1 02:37:16 EST 2001

Recently, I posted the following regarding  Elias M. Fries.  It is in error.
"Further down in Ainsworth, and possibly not relevant to this, we read: "He
subsequently moved to a post in Breslau where in old age he became extremely
radical, advocating the reform of Christianity and free marriage without
State intervention,; views which led to his dismissal."

I misread Ainsworth.   The radical mycologist in question was not Fries but
Christian G. Nees von Esenbeck.

I thank Don Pfister for pointing out this mistake and for helping restore
Fries' reputation to its unsullied lofty heights.

Elio Schaechter
Author, "In the Company of Mushrooms"
Harvard University Press

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