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Marisa Rodriguez-Buey marisa.rodriguez-buey at plantphys.umu.se
Sat Mar 3 06:45:06 EST 2001

  I'm starting with a new proyect about poplar (Populus tremula) infection 
by fungi. We have specific pathogens: Venturia macularis and Venturia 
tremulae and we want to use the conidia for infection. I looked for 
information and I found that they need light for making conidia. Now they 
are growing in a chamber with photoperiod (17/7 h) and 80% relativy 
humidity and the temperature is 23/18 degrees C, and the medium is malt 
extract agar. It is suppose these conditions are fine and the fungi are 
growing very well, but they don't have conidia.
         Do you now where the mistake is????
Thank you

Dr. Marisa Rodriguez-Buey
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Umeå University
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