Source of Scopulariopsis brevicaulis

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Sat Mar 3 06:45:17 EST 2001


I am preparing for a senior undergraduate directed research project.  I
got exited about possibilities of following metal methylation in S.
brevicaulis and am exploring the feasibility of using this organism as
part of my study. 

I have found a lot of the primary literature, but am not sure were we
can obtain a culture.  The professor (James Mahaffy -
mahaffy at, who is directing the introduction to research class,
suggested a post here and see if anyone can tell me a place or person we
can contact to possibly obtain (buy) a culture.  

His research interests are not in mycology (although he teaches plant
morphology), so he does not know the contacts.

Thanks for your help. 
Cheryl Vos (chrylvs at

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