Stropharia rugosa cultivation

Thom O'Dell odellt at
Tue Mar 13 03:19:16 EST 2001

I have some experience with this species:
We grew sterile sawdust spawn, bulked that up on pasteurized sawdust and
inoculated alder chips. It is an erratic fruiter, but can be prolific...
I harvested one unexpanded button that weighed over 7 lbs!
I have not seen it fruit on pure straw, but have never tried.
good luck
Thom O'Dell

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> I have read that liquid Innoculation is the best way to grow  Stropharia
> spawn as it is slow to germinate and  colonize the primary substrate.  Is
> anyone familar with growing the species and what it takes to be successful
> it ?  I have heard that it is not dependable enough to grow commercially.  I
> am considering growing it on straw bales this season as suggested  in Stamets
> book and am going to buy a culture soon.  If anyone has a culture I would be
> interested in buying  yours at the right price.  Kevin

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