Stropharia rugosa cultivation

Lee Murray bh295 at
Thu Mar 15 07:07:30 EST 2001

Hi, I'm a novice.  I read some while back about 
using stropharia rugosa to help remove e.coli bacteria
from water. Apparently it was grown on wood chips in the 
stream bed. Maybe it was that Stamets fellow, I think it was.
I tried the email but no reply. I notice web links to this
info from yahoo search, 2 sites, don't work as of yesterday. 

Does this work? And where can I get the spore or mycelium starter?
For use in Kentucky.

Thank you,
Lee   bh295 at

"Thom O'Dell" (odellt at writes:
> I have some experience with this species:
> We grew sterile sawdust spawn, bulked that up on pasteurized sawdust and
> inoculated alder chips. It is an erratic fruiter, but can be prolific...
> I harvested one unexpanded button that weighed over 7 lbs!
> I have not seen it fruit on pure straw, but have never tried.
> good luck
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> Thom O'Dell
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> todell at
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> In article <20010310114123.29702.00000360 at>, aruncus at
> (Aruncus) wrote:
>> I have read that liquid Innoculation is the best way to grow  Stropharia
> rugosa
>> spawn as it is slow to germinate and  colonize the primary substrate.  Is
>> anyone familar with growing the species and what it takes to be successful
> with
>> it ?  I have heard that it is not dependable enough to grow commercially.  I
>> am considering growing it on straw bales this season as suggested  in Stamets
>> book and am going to buy a culture soon.  If anyone has a culture I would be
>> interested in buying  yours at the right price.  Kevin

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