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Angel's wings appears to be a common name given to Pleurocybella
(Nothopanus) porrigens

see for a nice
picture and discussion.

The BMS database ( contains 94 records of
this species (out of 500,000 records in total)
and the distribution of this species in the uk (see map at shows a distinctly northern
pattern (as mentioned by Bon 1987).

Jerry Cooper

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> A bit of help on id's please.
> In a programme on the radio (BBC) last night about the wild mushroom
> business, mostly about the Scottish trade near Edinburgh,
> they mentioned an edible fungus growing on trees called 'Angel's Wings'.
> Does anyone know what species they are (scientific name please)?
> I have never heard of them before.
> The supplier said that they had to do a bit of research to ensure
> that they are edible.
> They had someone on from Oregon talking about their research into
> the effects of gathering chanterelles on the reproductive rate.
> Apparently when they clear gather the chanterelles every two weeks
> the same total weight is produced over the season compared with
> a control area, though the fruiting bodies reduce in size after
> a lot of picking. Their opinion is that the reduction of yields
> of wild mushrooms over recent years is most likely due to things
> like increased use of artificial fertiliser, acid rain and habitat
> loss, and not really due to overpicking.
> --
> Edwin Hutton

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