Angel's Wings

Edwin Hutton e.hutton at
Thu Mar 29 04:19:54 EST 2001

Edwin Hutton wrote:
> A bit of help on id's please.
> In a programme on the radio (BBC) last night about the wild mushroom
> business, mostly about the Scottish trade near Edinburgh,
> they mentioned an edible fungus growing on trees called 'Angel's Wings'.
> Does anyone know what species they are (scientific name please)?
> I have never heard of them before.
> The supplier said that they had to do a bit of research to ensure
> that they are edible.
Thanks to all the people who replied. Lot of synonyms here.
I have Pleurotus=Pleurotella=Nothopanus=Pleurocybella Porrigens
The last one seems to be the current favourite.

As far as the UK goes, one of my books says it is restricted
to the Highlands of Scotland and the Borders between Scotland
and England. which explains why an Edinburgh based wild mushroom
firm is collecting them. Pity, because I live in south-east
England and will probably never see them. Other books refer to
mountainous regions. Definitely growing on dead conifer wood.

European books all say it is inedible. D.Wheeler reckons it is
a bit watery and intrinsically tasteless (will probably taste
of the oil you cook it in). Like Pleurotus Ostreatus prone
to insect infestation.
Edwin Hutton

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