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>Not at all. The concerned species is Tricholoma auratum, very similar to
>goot edible T. flavovirens (= T. equestre).

Ah, yes I forgot they like to keep changing the names :)

>In "Mushrooms of Britain & Europe" (Régis Courtecuisse), Collins Wildlife
>Trust Guide, London, 1999, you can read the differences pp. 847-848. Mainly
>about the flesh and the ecology:
>- T. equestre: flesh "bright yellow throughout", habitat "broad-leaved and
>coniferous trees" (rather common);
>- T. auratum: flesh " thick, yellowish to almost concolorous but innermost
>flesh whitish", habitat "conifer forests on sandy soils" (rarer than T.
>equestre).  This one seems to be responsible of some recent intoxications
>along the Atlantic coast in France (around Bordeaux). But the books (even
>submentionned) don't talk about these "accidents" yet. To be followed...
>prudence! Maybe the picture in R. Phillips, p. 34 could be linked with it!

This is why I'm scared to go beyond collecting ceps, chanterelles and puff
balls for food. Even the books seem to be mistaken in some circumstances.
Thank you for the clarification.

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