HELP! Unknown structure/organism on surface of plants and fungi

Stephen M. Marek smmarek at
Wed May 16 03:57:20 EST 2001

> To anyone who regularly looks at plant surfaces through a microscope,
> We've come across a seemingly ubiquitous structure or microbe on the
> of detached leaves and some fungal fruiting bodies (morels).  It consists
> one large globose to ellipsoidal structure, hyaline and browning with age,
> fused to two smaller white ellipsoidal structures on one hemisphere.  If
> viewed in cross section it would resemble a Disney Mickey Mouse emblem.
> When viewed facing the two smaller ellipsoidal structures it resembles a
> microscopic Lithops (living rock succulent plant).  While I haven't made
> exact measurements, I'd guess a diameter between 50-100 microns.  I'm
> I realize a picture's worth a thousand words, but I don't have a website
> which to post an image.  I can email a micrograph to interested parties.
> Our current best guesses are some sort of colonial algal spore, protist
> resting structure or an arthropod egg.  Has anyone else seen this?  Is it
> unique to N. California?  Look forward to any response.
> Thanks,
> Stephen M. Marek
> Plant Pathology, 348 Hutchison Hall
> One Shields Ave., University of California
> Davis, CA  95616-8680
> email:  smmarek at

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