NaME 0.7 Software Release

Nathan Wilson velosa at
Wed Nov 14 04:58:24 EST 2001

This is to announce the 0.7 release of my Name Management Engine.
Documentation and downloads (compiled and source) are available at:

The software is primarily useful for creating species lists.

The primary change with this version is the addition of common names.  The
common names are all from David Arora's Mushrooms Demystified.

As with all past versions of the software, it is Macintosh only. 
Annoyingly it doesn't work with in MacOS X (10 or 10.1).  This is due to
bugs in the antiquated compiler I'm using.  My next software effort will
be to move the interface over to something truly cross platform.

Comments, bugs reports, database additions etc. are all very welcome.



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