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Alex Rickard arickard at
Fri Nov 16 04:58:52 EST 2001

The new biofilm club website is now up and running
( Whilst still in its preliminary stages, the
majority of the site works. We are still fine tuning and adding to the
site which we hope will not only keep members upto date with biofilm
club meetings and workshops but also new book publications, other
microbiology/biofilm conferences, links to other micro/biofilm sites
and research groups as well as other info. If you have any comments or
would like to have a link to your research group please let me know.
Bacterial and fungal biofilms are becoming of increasing interest to
microbiologists and the biofilm club has over 250 members from around
the world that are actively involved in biofilm research. It is the
goal of the club as an informal group to present and exchange biofilm
related information both at meetings (reviewed in the Bi-annual book
publications) and via the website. To become a member please see the
Kind regards,

Alex Rickard
Dr. Alex Rickard
University of Manchester

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