NOTICE of Newsgroup Removal: bionet.mycology

Mr C.A. Beazley cbeazley at
Thu Nov 22 06:34:51 EST 2001

Sarah Bolmstrood - Usenet Administrator wrote:
> Newsgroup bionet.mycology slated for REMOVAL on 21 Nov 2001 20:15:25 GMT.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hello my name is Sarah Bolmstrood, and I am writing to alert
> the regular readers of bionet.mycology that it will be removed
> from Usenet on 21 Nov 2001 20:15:25 GMT.  This action will be taken by all
> news servers, so clients are advised to update their
> readers accordingly.
> Thank you for your kind attention,
> Sarah Bolmstrood
> --
> We clean the easy envelope.

As Newsgroup Moderator, I would like to apologise for approving the
above posting.
It was my mistake. Please ignore the above posting and worry not.


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