Anybody recognize this bolete?

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Thu Nov 29 04:37:30 EST 2001

"Chris Shepard" <scs at> wrote in message news:<1006919450.892629 at>...
> It resembles Boletus edulis in many ways but I have not seen this cap colour
> before nor have I ever found edulis in this habitat before. (river bank
> Douglas Fir forest) Also the pore colour was much yellower than the edulis
> I've seen.
B.e. is uncommon in pure douglas fir forest in my experience. I have
found it only once, and even then it was so old as to be mostly mush.
(That must be why they call them mushrooms, huh?)

It is possible there are more than one variation of B.e., or even that
there are several closely related varieties.

Nice pictures, btw. And might I also say you showed admirable
restraint in not eating the evidence.<G>

Daniel B. Wheeler

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