Please help identify this fungus

BeyerIII beyeriii at
Fri Nov 30 04:34:32 EST 2001

>> Hello,
>> I came across this unusual fungus in South Florida, if it is not too much
>> trouble, please help me identify it.
>> Sincerely,
>> Malcolm Beyer
>> BeyerIII at
>My initial reaction is some kind of leaf gall growing on what appears
>to be a myrtle. What _is_ it growing on, btw?
>Daniel B. Wheeler

Thank you very much for the reply,
Professor Hudler at Cornell coincides 
with your guess and suggests it might 
be an Exobasidium.

Others have also asked what the host 
plant is, and unfortunately I don't know.
A local botanist suggests it is a Mangrove.
I will try to confirm the identity of the host 
plant and let you know if it is not a 
Mangrove. is a very 
interesting website, and I think your 
idea of harveting Native American truffles
is fantastic.  I am looking forward to 
trying some of them when I get back 
to work (I am a programmer between

Thanks for the reply, I am honored 
to have such noteable people help me 
identify this fungus.

Keller Beyer

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