Photo Gallery now up at

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Mon Oct 22 03:44:51 EST 2001


While the photos have not yet been named, they are:

Top Row L-R:
	1. Barrsia oregonensis
	2. Coprinus disseminatus
	3. Coprinus micaceus
	4. Elaphomyces granulatus

Middle Row L-R
	1. Endogone lactiflua
	2. Martellia brunnescens
	3. Unknown - pyramidal warts on exterior, powdery black gleba
	4. Melanogaster ambiguus

Bottom Row L-R
	1. Zelleromyces gilkeyae
	2. Tuber sps. near T. levissimum
	3. Tuber sps. near T. levissimum

Hope to have the second gallery up shortly.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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