Handbook to Strategy 1 Fungal Species

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at ipns.com
Tue Oct 23 03:42:53 EST 2001

Just got a copy of Handbook to Strategy 1 Fungal Species in the
Northwest Forest Plan at the 2001 OMS Fall Mushrooms Show. It will
take a few hours to browse through. <G>

Fantastic information of importance to anyone interested in preserving
biodiversity for long-term. These are the rare or rarely-seen or
rarely-collected species of Pacific Northwest forests, which may or
may not be endangered at this time. (It's hard to call _anything_
endangered when you don't know whether it is rare or just rarely
collected or reported).

Ask for General Technical Report PNW-GTR-476 (October, 1999) from the
United States Department of Agriculture. Authors include Michael A.
Castellano, Jane E. Smith, Thom O'Dell, Efren Cazares, and Susan

Daniel B. Wheeler

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