mystery fungus plus some observations

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Mon Oct 29 05:15:46 EST 2001

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> Any ideas?

Stumped, I'm afraid. Any chance of a picture being posted online somewhere?

(CUT a description of a Chanterelle haul to be envied! :-)

> I just recently finished reading John Ramsbottom's "Mushrooms and
> Toadstools", which inspired me to go out looking for truffles.  (This
> is truly a marvelous book, especially regarding historical aspects of
> mushroom identification and micophagy.  It also gave me a stronger
> appreciation of some of the fungi--especially non-gilled--that I might
> otherwise give little notice to while out collecting).  I found a nice
> beech wood but didn't turn up any truffles and couldn't convince my
> dogs to help me out!  As a consolation though , I did find almost 2kg
> of the "horn of plenty" (Craterellus cornucopiodes), as well as a few
> Cantherellus tubaeformis.

A nice tip for finding truffles in beech woods is to follow the squirrels!

I've found them once or twice by watching squirrels digging. The truffles
I've found were always on slight inclines, below patches of bare-ish earth,
growin in association with beech. I'd have thought your woods up there would
be ideal for truffles.

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