Russula ID needed

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Mon Oct 29 05:17:55 EST 2001

Today I found a pure white Russula or latex-lacking Lactarius, pure
white, white gills, possibly white spores, neither gills nor stipe
changing color when bruised; stipe slightly bulbous at the base, about
1.25" (3 cm) diameter at base narrowing to 1" (2.5 cm) at gill
attachment, brittle, chalky; cap somewhat funnel shaped, centrally
depressed; 4 inches tall (10 cm); about 10 cm wide across the cap as
well; stalk has satiny or raw-silk appearance, with unusual bumps
extending about .5 cm from the stalk, especially at the base; gills
often branching into two, especially near stip attachment,
occasionally cross-hatched; odor very pleasant when fresh, somewhat
candy-like with hints of either fruit or herb; found at 4000 feet
elevation near the Cascade Summit trail of Clackamas County, Oregon;
nearby trees include Mountain hemlock, Lodgepole pine (very common),
Douglas fir, White pine and Pacific Silver fir.

Appearance similar to Russula albida, but aroma not mentioned in any
text I can find. Any other suggestions?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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