Antrax may have always been there

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Tue Oct 30 04:41:44 EST 2001

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> >I think when this is all over we will find that Anthrax was always
> >there in small amounts and that the only reason we think we're being attacked
> >is because we're spending too much time anticipating that it's like noticing
> >the dust in the air in the sunlight.
> Interesting theory.  What facts support the hypothesis?
> David W. Fischer
Evidently anthrax is not uncommon in association with cattle feces.

According to a friend at my local athletic club, who has two sons
involved with mortuary services, at least two fatalities have occurred
in the past year in Oregon from anthrax, although that may not appear
on the death certificates.

Both cases apparently contracted the disease from working in their
gardens while spreading steer manure. Perhaps it's safer to spread
compost than "heifer dust"?

Also makes one wonder what was in those letters sent to Planned
Parenthood centers around the US shortly after anthrax letters were
reported. I _heard_ on one news broadcast that there was "...a powdery
brown substance..." in these letters. NPR reported over 100 letters
had been sent, many in official envelopes marked "date sensitive
material" and "open immediately" with official letterheads. I
_believe_ these letters have been attributed to hoaxes at this time.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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