Top 20 edible fungi

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> Daniel Wheeler wrote: Other popular edible fungi: (clipped)
> > Psilocybe semilanceata
> > Psilocybe cyanescens
> > Psilocybe azurescens
> > Psilocybe strictipes
> > Psilocybe cubensis
> > Psilocybe weilii
> > Psilocybe pelliculosa
> > Amanita muscaria
> > Gyromitra esculenta
> Well it's seems that many mushroom eaters are either looking for a (risky)
> trip or have a death wish; A. muscaria and Gyromitra esculenta usually not
> considered edible. Psylocibe sp. will induce hallucinations.
Excellent points Heine. (Gee I like learning more!) I believe all of
the Psilocybe were added by Paul Stamets in the article. And I suspect
even I have had one ingestion of Psilocybe coniferum(?sp): not my cup
of tea. But some unusual side-effects: I felt I could teleport
objects. It was not what I would call a "good" trip, and certainly not
something I wished to experience a second time. OTOH, I remember
_just_ coming down with a cold (sniffling, coughing, general lethargy)
just before ingesting, and running a slight (101) fever a few hours
after ingestion. Were these indications of immuno-activation?

As for A. muscaria, I don't know of any fatalities from this mushroom
from N.A., although certainly there are fatalities from it elsewhere
in the world. I certainly cannot encourage consumption for either the
potential "high" or for the potential 6-foot "low". But I didn't write
the article either. And Mushroom The Journal did run an article last
year on preparation of Amanita muscaria. BTW, the author of the
article has been David Aurora's foray chef for several years. And
David has noted that world-wide, many Amanitas _are_ eaten on a
regular basis for food. So far, that trend has seemed to escape those
of us rather cautious in our culinary creations. OTOH, I'm not sure
I'd pass up A. caesaria in Europe some year, provided I picked it

Daniel B. Wheeler

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