How many fungi?

Jerry C ja_cooper at
Mon Sep 10 01:40:30 EST 2001

General references to the 'numbers of fungi' may be found in Ainsworth &
Bisby's Dictionary of the Fungi, 8th ed, edited Hawksworth, Kirk, Sutton &
Pegler (9th edition in press - get your orders in now

The original article by David Hawksworth was his presidential address to the
British Mycological Society published in Mycological Research, The fungal
dimension of biodiversity: magnitude, significance and conservation,
pp641-655, 1991.

For an alternative approach, encompassing other 'kingdoms', readers should
refer to Bob May's articles referenced there. I suspect the debate has
continued since those articles were published.

David included as fungi "those organisms studied by mycologists" which
includes fungi, the chromistan oomycota and the protozoan myxomycota. I
don't believe he included the 'filamentous bacteria' in his circumscription.

Jerry Cooper

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