compost actinomycetes ?

Bruce A. Caldwell caldwelb at
Mon Sep 10 01:41:42 EST 2001

   Just a microbiological note: "compost actinomycetes" are actually
bacteria.. Long mistaken for fungi based solely on their filamentous
growth, they have true procaryotes with gram+ cell wall and  bacteria
ribosomes. In fact, the actinomycetes are the source of most anti-fungal
   While there are thermophilic fungi that are important in composting,
actinomycetes are much more important because of their greater temperature

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"Daniel B. Wheeler" wrote:

> Some time ago, there was a discussion on either this ng or
> alt.nature.mushrooms about the total number of fungi present in the
> world.       ...8<---- text cut --->8...         BTW, the above total
> may sound overestimated by some. But when suchthings as rusts, smuts,
> ectomycorrhizae, endomycorrhizae, soil, and compost actinomycetes are
> added, it doesn't seem an overestimate (atleast to me) at all. Then you
> have the newly discovered endophytic

> fungi, found inside the living leaves of trees and plants, only a few
> of which have ever been examined to date...  ...8<---
> Daniel B. Wheeler

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