Fungi fd. 9/8/01

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Mon Sep 10 01:43:07 EST 2001

Fd. the following fungi today at 1000' elevation in Clark Co., WA
under full canopy Douglas fir:

Macrolepiota rachoides
Boletus zelleri
Amanita pantherina
Phlebia radiata
Tuber gibbosum var. autumnale

Recent rains have resulted in slightly more variety than last week,
which probably helped bring out the Boletus zelleri. Phlebia radiata
is ubiquitous, a resupinate (crust) fungus growing on the bottom of
dead Douglas fir branches. Since I spent more of the day basal pruning
Douglas fir, these were easy to see. Macrolepiota rachoides were
growing on a thatcher ant colony about 3.5 feet high, and were already
quite old.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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