a greenish Tricholoma?

MMitcheroo mmitcheroo at aol.com
Mon Sep 10 01:44:40 EST 2001

Found near the Tobesofkee River and US Hwy. 80, about 3 miles W of Macon, GA. 
In mixed hardwood-pine forest.   

Sporeprint whitish or cream.  Spores appear round at 60x.

Stipe: central,  ~4cm long, ~1cm thick, solid, firm, somewhat fibrous, flesh
white, does not bruise.  A little wider at cap than at base, sides slightly
striated.  No remnants of veil, no volva.  Odor: vaguely bready.

Cap: Hemispherical, dry, skin thin-leathery, a very distinct leaf-green color
with brownish tones, not shiny.   Diameter about equal to length of stipe. 
Odor: foul yeasty.

Gills free, not merging or splitting, white to vanilla white, rather uniform in
depth but narrowing at center of cap, radiate in straight lines but for the
last 2 or 3 mm which "wobble" a bit to the cap edge.

Specimen was found in its mature or almost-mature state emerging from under a
sheaf of soil and litter it had pushed up.      

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