a greenish Tricholoma?

Nathan Wilson velosa at cinenet.net
Tue Sep 11 01:43:22 EST 2001

As a wild guess, since I've never hunted in GA nor do I have a picture,
how about Tricholoma saponaceum?  I have found that the cap color of this
species is quite variable including specimens that were pure green.  The
two features I rely on in identifying this species are pink flesh at the
very base of the stalk (white otherwise) and a characteristic 'soapy'
smell (again particularly at the base of the stipe).  A supporting feature
that isn't always present are small slightly darker spots (kind of like
watermarks) near the margin of the cap.  The watermark spots are more
common on young specimens. 


On Mon, 10 Sep 2001, MMitcheroo wrote:

> Found near the Tobesofkee River and US Hwy. 80, about 3 miles W of Macon, GA. 
> In mixed hardwood-pine forest.   
> Sporeprint whitish or cream.  Spores appear round at 60x.
> Stipe: central,  ~4cm long, ~1cm thick, solid, firm, somewhat fibrous, flesh
> white, does not bruise.  A little wider at cap than at base, sides slightly
> striated.  No remnants of veil, no volva.  Odor: vaguely bready.
> Cap: Hemispherical, dry, skin thin-leathery, a very distinct leaf-green color
> with brownish tones, not shiny.   Diameter about equal to length of stipe. 
> Odor: foul yeasty.
> Gills free, not merging or splitting, white to vanilla white, rather uniform in
> depth but narrowing at center of cap, radiate in straight lines but for the
> last 2 or 3 mm which "wobble" a bit to the cap edge.
> Specimen was found in its mature or almost-mature state emerging from under a
> sheaf of soil and litter it had pushed up.      

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