Fungi fd. 9-15-01

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Wed Sep 19 04:19:09 EST 2001

At 1000' elevation in Clark Co, WA on 9-15-01 under nearly full-canopy
Douglas fir of about 25 years while basal-pruning trees:

Tuber gibbosum var. autumnale: exposed by animal activity, frequently
eaten in part or whole, suggesting maturity.

Also observed 3-point buck, remains of what may have been a vulture
(only feathers left), and an owl. Owl was flying at 2pm, appeared to
have ear tufts similar to a Great Horned owl, but looked smaller.
Wingspan of about 2.5 feet. After flying overhead (shadow was what
alerted us) roosted near the top (about 40') and watched for 4-5
minutes while we observed her. Hope she is enjoying the voles newly
available from opening the understory.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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