Tricholoma equestre - How common is this?

R.G.Woodside richwood at
Wed Sep 19 04:19:34 EST 2001

A short article from Associated Press published in the local paper
describes a Tricholoma sp. as being popular across Europe and North
America. What have I been missing? [-- insert suitable emoticon here --]
Has anyone reading this tried it?

Richard Woodside,
Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Wild mushroom may destroy muscles

A wild mushroom popular across Europe and North America may dissolve
muscles and prove toxic in people who continually eat it, says a study
in the New England Journal of  Medicine.

Twelve people were hospitalized for severe weakness and muscle loss
after eating the mushrooms, and three of them  died, wrote Dr. Regis
Bedry of University Hospital Pellegrin in Bordeaux, France.

The only connection among the cases, which occurred from 1992 to 2000,
was that all 12 had eaten at least three straight meals of Tricholoma

The mushroom, which has a bright yellow cap, is known in North America
as "man on horseback" or "yellow-knight fungus" and in France as
"bidaou" and "canari"

Bedry said he confirmed the mushroom's toxicity by feeding extracts to
mice and measuring creatine kinase, an enzyme produced during muscle
breakdown, in the blood.

- The Associated Press


Brief Report:Wild-Mushroom Intoxication as a Cause of Rhabdomyolysis
Bedry R., Baudrimont I., Deffieux G., Creppy E. E., Pomies J. P.,
Ragnaud J. M., Dupon M., Neau D., Gabinski C., De Witte S., Chapalain J.
C., Beylot J., Godeau P.  
N Engl J Med 2001; 345:798-802, Sep 13, 2001.



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