Fungi fd. 9-19-01

Robert L. Chehey cheheyr at
Thu Sep 20 01:34:16 EST 2001

Boise, Idaho

Uncountable collections of Agaricus xanthodermus, under oak, maple, black
cottonwood, linden, Liquidambar, Phyllostachys (bamboo) and many others.
Which brings me to my questions.  Why does this species seem to supplant
other Agaricus in urban forests?  What is it about the urban setting that
selects for this fungus?  Last year, at this time, people from LA to
Stockholm to Tokyo were reporting it.  It is always the most common fall
mushroom in Boise.

The Southern Idaho Mycological Society fall foray is this weekend in McCall,
Next weekend the Spokane club is having their fall foray at Priest Lake.
On October 12-13-14 OMS (Oregon Mycol. Soc) is having their foray at Diamond
Lake in the southern Cascades.

Robert L. Chehey
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