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Fri Sep 21 04:25:19 EST 2001

"Robert L. Chehey" <cheheyr at> wrote in message news:<tqilbp7ok3gc33 at>...
> Boise, Idaho
> Uncountable collections of Agaricus xanthodermus, under oak, maple, black
> cottonwood, linden, Liquidambar, Phyllostachys (bamboo) and many others.
> Which brings me to my questions.  Why does this species seem to supplant
> other Agaricus in urban forests?  What is it about the urban setting that
> selects for this fungus?  Last year, at this time, people from LA to
> Stockholm to Tokyo were reporting it.  It is always the most common fall
> mushroom in Boise.
It could have something to do with frequently added lawn chemicals or
fertilizers, Robert. To my knowledge few Agaricus are considered
mycorrhizal (but I'm not knowledgeable about this species). The only
time I have found it was in a rotting mound of ryegrass straw, which
I'm *sure* was lacking any mycorrhizal association, as there were no
trees within 150 feet.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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