anyone know about fungi identification???

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Tue Sep 25 04:03:27 EST 2001

"Stu Burns" <thestuburns at> wrote in message news:<01c1443a$46a820a0$ecdc223f at default>...
> G'day mycophiles. Anyone know anything about fungus identification, and no
> I don't mean macro-fruiting bodies either. I'm talking sterile fungal
> isolates from inside plant roots. clutching at straws here people! Check
> back later.
I know a whole laboratory that is working on identification of
ectomycorrhizae and endomycorrhizae based on the form they take _in
attachment to_ the roots. But I don't know anyone able to identify
sterile fungal isolates. Assuming that is, in fact, what you are
growing and not either endos or ectos. In fact, I haven't heard of
these fungi at all...endorhizae?

I know a few people who have identified several endophytic fungi,
mostly from the interior of Douglas fir needles.

What did you find Stu?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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