anyone know about fungi identification???

Heine J. Deelstra heine at
Wed Sep 26 03:54:05 EST 2001

Stu Burns wrote:

> G'day mycophiles. Anyone know anything about fungus identification, and no
> I don't mean macro-fruiting bodies either. I'm talking sterile fungal
> isolates from inside plant roots. clutching at straws here people! Check
> back later.

Hello Stu,

If you are talking about sterile (axenic?) isolates, then it might be possible
to get these fungi identified (or at least placed in a group) for you. One of
the scientific organisation that is highly specialized in taxonomy of fungi is
the CBS (Centraal Bureau Schimmelcultures) in Utrecht, The Netherlands. You
can find more information on and

Good luck,

Heine Deelstra

PS I have no idea about the costs of such a service though.

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