anyone know about fungi identification???

Bruce A. Caldwell caldwelb at
Wed Sep 26 03:54:29 EST 2001

Stu Burns wrote:

> G'day mycophiles. Anyone know anything about fungus identification, and no
> I don't mean macro-fruiting bodies either. I'm talking sterile fungal
> isolates from inside plant roots. clutching at straws here people! Check
> back later.

HI Stu -- depending on the nature of the fungi, there are several
1. Various media and culture conditions that stimulate sporulation.

2. Genetic methods (comparing DNA sequences and/or Restriction Fragment Length
Polymorphisms (RFLP) are definitive if you have a library of known fungi to
compare with.  There are several large (and growing) databases of various
genetic sequences.

3. Gross morphology may get you started; e.g., dark-septate root endophytes.

Bruce Caldwell
Oregon State University
Department of Forest Science


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