how to grow fungus on a piece of glass

James james at
Tue Apr 2 04:53:17 EST 2002


i hope this post isn't too far out of what you folks normally talk about;
someone suggested this list may be of help to me.

here's the deal: i'm a photographer who makes art by using found materials.
recently i have picked up a whole bunch of old glass negatives that i am
working with and some have mold or fungus growing on them. i really like the
way this looks, and wonder if there is a way to generate this growth myself.

i skipped all the science classes back in high school and college and went
straight on through with the art thing (i know this was bad. it's a curious
thing for all of one's science knowledge to come from cable television), so
i'm not so sure where to start with cultivating my own little farm of
'stuff' on a sheet of glass.

any suggestions?

thank you in advance -


James Luckett


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