Morchella esculenta

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Tue Apr 2 04:53:40 EST 2002

Today at the Oregon Mycological Society forage at Paul Bishop's Tree
Farm, several OMS member told me they had found blond morels
(Morchella esculenta) yesterday (March 29, 2002) at Sauvie's Island,
under cottonwood duff. The mushrooms are still quite small, and it may
be necessary to take a rake to see the mushrooms in the duff.

It is my *opinion* that these fungi are mycorrhizal with Populinus
trichocarpa (Black cottonwood). They seem to fruit year after year,
and especially near very old (but still quite alive) cottonwoods. Then
again, perhaps older cottonwoods simply produce more leaf litter which
the morels then grow on.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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