Fungi fd. 3/30/02

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Tue Apr 2 04:53:53 EST 2002

The following fungi were found 3/30/02 at Paul Bishop's Tree Farm near
Oregon City, OR on an Oregon Mycological Society forage:

Tuber gibbosum var. gibbosum (Oregon Gray truffle)
Barrsia oregonensis
Rhizopogon sps.
Martellia sps.
Hymenogaster sps. (at least 2 sps. that I saw)
Endogone lactiflua
Geopyxis vulcanis (in Aurora, with fascinating fluting to the rims!)
Peziza brunneoatra
Cortinarius sps, with a bulbous base
Stereum sps. very old
Coriollus versicolor, very old

Daniel B. Wheeler

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