Fungi fd. 7/25/2002

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Wed Aug 7 09:08:22 EST 2002

Saw the following fungi under Eastern Red oak (Quercus palustra) at
300' elevation in Multnomah County, Oregon:

Scleroderma sps. (S. cepa?)
Russula sps.
Ancient Entoloma

Also have been watching the slow demise of a clump of Coprinus
atramentarius growing on an American elm in downtown Portland. The
clump first appeared 10 days ago in the midst of a sudden rain/thunder
storm that yielded at least 3/4-inch of rain. The day afterwards, the
mushroom sprang up. Unfortunately for the mushrooms, the day afterward
was also 93 degrees, and the effective sporulation period was a matter
of only hours. What is amazing to me is that the fungi are still
visible. I would have expected slugs or other mycophagous insect life
to have made short work of such tasty tidbits.

The Sclerodermas are still too young to identify. And many of them
have already been dug out of the ground, perhaps by foraging
squirrels, whose local population is getting a little out of hand.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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