Fungi seen 4 Aug. 2002, Tillamook County, OR

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Wed Aug 7 09:09:05 EST 2002

Found the following fungi today in Tillamook County, OR:

Fomes annotosum
Laetiporus sulphureus
Cantharellus aurora-borealis
Russula sps. (very small)

While there had been some rain on the coast, more rain was observed
further inland, and it is possible that early chanterelle buttons may
be coming up. This is rather late in the year for me to find
chanterelles, and I'm surprised that I could only locate about 15
buttons (none larger than 1.5 inches diameter). Most were so small
that if I was not aware of what they would likely turn into, I
wouldn't have recognized them as button mushrooms. Some were less than
a few mm across at this point. I hope that today's rainfall may have
brought a few more up, but will not be looking there again for at
least the next 2 weeks.

The largest fungi was a Laetiporus which I had to look at twice (while
travelling at 35 mph) to be sure it _was_ a fungus. It was already
quite mature, and probably 20 inches across or more. Probably too
mature for eating, in fact.

I was rather surprised that there were no Russula brevipes out yet,
nor any Hypomyces lactiflorum visible. But then again, I could only
identify 4 fungi in an area that typically hosts 30 to 50 species
later in the year. Maybe there simply hasn't been enough rainfall yet.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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