Carsten Troelsgaard carsten.troelsgaard at mail.dk
Wed Aug 7 09:09:07 EST 2002

Hej everyone
It looks as if I found the right group for my question!
I went to the woods (Scandinavia) yesterday and found what I consider young
whitish puffballs. - but I'm not sure.
They have all been picked up in a pinewood, and there were plenty. They are
sitting somewhat deep into the moss. I have cut a specimen into halves and
present it on this address:
The cut is 4-5 cm across. As fresh mushrooms they are perfectly round with a
root-appendix. The shiny part encroaching the inner part is gelly-like.
As a possible eatable mushroom these are plenty and dense, but I shall not
eat anything before I have heard your opinion.


carsten.troelsgaard at mail.dk

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