OSU faculty member honored for work with various fungi

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>From The Oregonian, Aug. 14, 2002, p A22 (Science)

OSU faculty member honored for work with various fungi
	James M. Trappe, a courtesy professor at Oregon State University, has
received the annual Distinguished Mycologist Award from the
Mycological Society of America.
	The award is given to a mycologist who has made outstanding
contributions to the science of mycology and the knowledge of fungi.
Trappe holds OSU appointments in the Department of Forest Science and
the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology.
	His career spans more than 40 years of research on the role of
root-symbiotic fungi in sustaining the health and growth of forests.
Trappe's studies on the classification and ecology of truffles and
trufflelike fungi have led to the discovery of one new order, two new
families, 24 new genera and 119 new species.
	Trappe has been affiliated with OSU as a faculty member since 1965.

Comment by poster: Way to go, Jim!

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