Truffle found today! 24 Aug. 2002

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Wed Aug 21 03:41:33 EST 2002

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> It's so dry around Oregon, and so much of the country is a little dark
> around the charcoal, that the last thing I expected to find today was
> a truffle. Nonetheless, there is was, partially exposed from an animal
> dig near the top of Larch Mountain, between the trail from the parking
> lot to the overlook, at about 3,900 feet elevation.
> The aroma is worth writing home about: caramel, coconut, butterscotch.
> Looks to be a Leucophleps or Leucogaster, orangish exterior, pure
> white interior; tiny, less than 1/3 inch wide; and fortunately mostly
> obscured by a rock that whatever animal was digging toward it couldn't
> budge. Under Noble fir (Abies procera) on a rather steep slope (I'm
> estimating 30 degrees). About one inch under where the top of the duff
> layer _would_ have been, had the animal not already scratched it away.
> Several more (5?) pits nearby, all about 1 inch deep. So I'm guessing
> the animals had at least one meal before I happened by. Tried to find
> another one by just eye-balling the soil surface, but no further
> finds.
> Daniel B. Wheeler
Since this post went on-line on 8/19, it is probable that I goofed.
The head should read Truffle Found Today 8/18/02.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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