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Irene Andersson ir at
Tue Dec 3 04:29:22 EST 2002

On 22 Nov 2002 09:19:04 -0000, Bill Walker <bhw at> wrote:

>...because they're little mushrooms!
>Sorry about the poor condition - they dried out REALLY FAST.
>The tops are orange/brown with a slightly lighter "margin", and the
>sides taper in, almost puckering.
>The sides of these things looked a bit like gray synthetic fleece.
>Haven't found anything in any of my books that looks even close.
>They were growing in the mulch around the base of a tree (unidentified).

They look like young specimens of Crucibulum laeve (=C. vulgare). 
If it is what I think, you'll find small white lenses inside them.

Irene Andersson

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