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Wed Dec 4 04:40:07 EST 2002

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> Daniel:
> Thanks for your insights. I also received two private emails identifying
> the pictures as salmon roe!! I am not an expert on either salmon roe or
> fungi, so I can't add anything to this discussion.
> Two days before I got your message, I was back on site, and checked the
> specimen. It had deterioriated considerably in 6 weeks (i.e. a
> disgusting mess), leaving soft pale pink skins and very little inside.
> It smelled slightly fishy. 
> Next time I see something unusual, I'll grab a sample right away, and
> photo the undersides.
> If it is salmon roe, I wonder how it got there. The prime suspects are
> leftovers from a river otter or bald eagle, but there were no other fish
> remains in the area.
I discounted salmon roe when I saw the base in the original photos. To
me (at least) they look like a basal attachment, not something one
would find on salmon roe. BTW, if the picture were salmon roe, there
should be the remains of the membranous sack which is typically
surrounding the roe. I saw no such indications (although it could have
been there). There are other fungi which can smell rather like old
fish. Old Oregon Black truffles (Leucangium carthusiana) would be one
example. Sometimes I get the same sort of odor from older Amanita
muscaria as well.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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